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We are versatile in our ability to adapt as the context and situation dictates, from a contemporary aesthetic to culturally sensitive or regional approaches to design.

447 Wonderland Road - London


447 comprises a 2 storey office building of 10,000 sq. ft. located in a high vehicular traffic area on Wonderland Road. The two tone brick and glass design responds to the internal division of tenants, their use and location within the building that comprises office functions and personal services. Proposed Headquarters - London


A major 41,000 SF addition combines the nearly 39,000 SF of existing, multi-level industrial space into a fully renovated modern office with space to accommodate 350 people. Attached retail and data centre allow the company to expand yet maintain it's culture of staying connected.

College Street


A contemporary, mid-rise apartment designed to be of compatible form with it's surroundings. Transitions in height emphasize a pedestrian scale and provide relief to the adjacent single detached dwelling. Indoor and outdoor amenity spaces and private terraces are positioned to provide setbacks from adjacent developments.

Proposed Condominium Apartments, London Ontario


In the capacity of design architect, zedd architecture is working with the local developer in directing the articulation of the exterior form, textures and materials for these proposed north London landmark buildings.

304 Talbot Street, London Ontario


Re-branded as The Cube, a former 3 storey warehouse building that has also been home to several restaurants over the years is now undergoing an adaptive transformation into high tech offices in this central city location.  Inside, an industrial aesthetic is maintained by the concrete floors and exposed ceilings with abundant areas of glass infill to maximize natural light.


Private Residence, West Toronto Ontario


The contemporary design combines a clearly articulated layout with texture and warmth. The spacious modern design was created as an inspiring live / work environment maximizing view and light with a gracious flow between interior and exterior.

Six Dundonald Condominium


Overlooking Victoria Park provides a unique residential address in a modern aesthetic that fits within the city plan to provide dynamic living spaces in the city of Hamilton. The materials and fixtures selected for the units reinforce the contemporary style of the architecture incorporating modular Italian kitchens with integrated appliances, quartz counter tops and modern Italian bath and lighting fixtures.


8 Storey - 54 Unit Condominium | Ground Floor Retail | Rooftop Terrace | 3 Parking Levels with a variety of unit types - for one, two and three bedrooms - ranging from 900 sq. to 1,800 sq. ft.


project architect david yuhasz with associate jason kipfer - at s.h.y architecture


Seven Park  Residences


To satisfy a growing demand for small and affordable city living this building comprises mostly 1 bedroom units for first time purchasers who prefer urban living with potential for live work studios. Due to the limited unit sizes the development provides for a variety of social amenity spaces as well as ground floor retail - commercial condominiums incorporating mezzanines.



project architect david yuhasz with associate jason kipfer -  at s.h.y architecture


Bacardi International Headquarters


A sensitive renovation and addition to the Bacardi Building that effectively hides the addition partially below grade allowing the original building to dominate. Subtle level manipulation fills the new offices with light and a view to out to a reverse cascading waterfall programmed with multicolored lights and jets offering a nightly spectacle to the pedestrian.


10,000 SF addition to the Mies Van der Rohe inspired office building originally built in 1972 for Bacardi. Comprising of interior renovations, new offices and meeting rooms with pools and cascading waterfalls.


project architect david yuhasz - formerly project manager with obm architects




10 Dundonald Condominium


Designed on a narrow site in the city of Hamilton the condo has only 3 units per typical floor and required significant piling and a four foot raft slab due to poor soil conditions. As one of the first mid rise condominiums in the country this project exploits the potential that exists for dynamic urban living to meet housing demand due to limited land resources. 10 provides an exciting place to live and work while omitting the need to commute.


9 Storey  - 17 Unit Boutique Condominium | Rooftop Terrace | Entrance Level Lounge | Ground Floor Retail/Café


project architect david yuhasz -  at s.h.y architecture




Fritholme Gardens Estates - Phase 1


Phase one of a five phase development at Fritholme Gardens. Incorporated into the development are shared facilities with the adjacent hotel, including the use of the reverse osmosis plant for uninterrupted water supply and the use of existing sewage treatment plant. Woodland areas are being reinstated as part of the plan as is beach access for tenants of the development.  Internal walkways, courtyards, Spanish cedar pergolas and central play area form part of Phase 1 with ongoing landscaping that will enrich the developments overall aesthetics.


Phase 1 contains 15 townhouses of 1,700 SF and 5 villas of 3,500 SF - currently 3 phases consisting of over 40 units have been completed together with a residence club with pool, lounge, bar, gym facilities, salon, yoga facilities and offices also by project architect david yuhasz.


project architect david yuhasz with associate jason kipfer -  at s.h.y architecture


Mandarin Oriental - Bermuda


A major redevelopment planned for the Elbow Beach Property in Bermuda for a signature Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The design aesthetic emulates the local architectural vernacular. This is in keeping with the Mandarin approach to provide a ‘sense of place’ in their international hotels to heighten their guest experience. The hotel sits on a superior elevation with expanding views along the south shore in Bermuda. The building has a unique plan that incorporates hotel suites and condominiums as well as dormitories required for off island staff. Challenges included the coordination of numerous off island consultants from multiple time zones.


Hotel and Condominium Development at Elbow Beach | 380,000 sq. ft. | 82 Hotel Keys | 34 Mandarin branded Condominiums | 93 dormitories | 3 Restaurants | Lounge | Spa | Pools | Retail | Banquet Rooms | Fitness Center | Back of House


project architect david yuhasz and assoicate jason kipfer - at s.h.y architecture and Hirsch Bedner Interior Design - Atlanta


Gielen House


A stately mansion built in 1903 is being transformed into modern, luxury condos. This residential intensification provides for the efficient use of land in a compact urban form. The additions are sensitive to the existing structure and are placed to the rear at a scale that does not impact the character of the street.




Private Residence - Brantford


The adoption of a proprietary structural steel system developed in Quebec has been used for this private residence for the builder/owner who wished to test various pre-fab systems against more traditional methods of residential construction.


Methods assessed for the project included ICF systems - SIP systems - Steel systems and TJI/wood panel systems of construction towards the ideal solution for efficiency, commodity and sustainability in residential design.


The home which has a walk out lower level consists of 4,500 square feet with ample floor to ceiling glazing overlooking a rear pond and landscaping.




Dominion Lofts - Bracebridge


Phase 1 Development for 16 urban style town home condominiums in Bracebridge Ontario. Each unit will contain 2 bedroom plus den with 2.5 baths, ground floor garage parking and rooftop terraces. All units are designed to allow for either hydraulic or retrofit vacuum elevators to access the 3 floor levels.


The site is part of an existing inn property and is located overlooking the falls at Bracebridge. The location provides easy walking access to all town amenities. This form of development is a growing trend offering a retirement lifestyle in an attractive community to Canada's snow birds.




Bacardi International - Head Offices Interior Renovations


In tandem with a 10,000 SF addition to the ‘Mies van der Rohe’ inspired building was the complete renovation and upgrading of the interior of the existing building.


Key features included for the restoration and relocation and framing of the 16’ x 38” mural by Cuban artist Felix Ramos, a new fiber optic ceiling to emulate the stars in Santiago de Cuba on February 4 1862, the founding date of the company, new custom designed display bar and lounge, stainless steel and granite connecting stair to lower level, connecting ramps to the new addition, new granite flooring and feature lobby wall with gold Bacardi logo, upgrading of mill-work niches, lighting throughout the general and executive offices and meeting rooms.


project architect david yuhasz - nancie mcleod i.d. at obm architects


Private Residence Interior Renovations


1950's ranch style home completely redesigned with interior alterations to provide a contemporary open plan with updates to all materials and fixtures including rift cut walnut floors, porcelain tiles from Spain, Scavolini kitchen and extensive lighting and controls.


This early 50's ranch home had an addition in the 80’s - and required not only updating but relocating walls and room sizes to open up the floor plan, provide proportion to the room sizes and better circulation throughout. In doing so all new mechanical and electrical systems were updated as were the exterior windows and doors - adding 2 new fireplaces in the process. The result is a clean yet warm contemporary interior ideally suited to the owners.


by architect david yuhasz


Café 10 - Coffee + Wine Bar


This European style café/bar is located in 10 Dundonald condominium designed also by david yuhasz.
The café bar is designed to easily transform to a wine bar with tapas in the evening hours. Wine themed reproductions are a focus in the interior in contrast with contemporary materials and design reflecting the modern building in which the café is situated. Careful selection of the materials, finishes, lighting and custom furniture supplied by Stylegarage, Toronto complete the interior and provide a unique lounge experience in this European café/bar.


project architect david yuhasz with darcy robertson i.d. - at shy architecture







SilverLeaf - Medium Density Planning


Part of a much larger single family designated development, this higher density component of the master plan anticipates a mix of detached and attached townhouses with low rise condominium buildings of 4 storeys.




Master Community Planning in the newly designated South West Area Plan - SWAP in south London, this long range development plan anticipates primarily medium and high density residential development with a new recreational center as its focus.


Master Plan - Fritholme Residential Estates


Competition winning master site plan providing 3D representation of the complex topography and proposed building sites to maximize and test views from each unit as well as shadow studies and privacy.


Multi-phased and multi-level residential townhouse and villa development that once completed will provide for 120 residential units and residence club with lounge, café and pool located on a commanding hillside overlooking the south shore in Bermuda.


project architect david yuhasz -  director with s.h.y architecture




Park Hyatt - Bermuda


Master Planning for a major hotel and villa development with new signature golf course planned for St. George's in Bermuda on the old Club Med Site with the added challenge to incorporate numerous heritage fortress structures  by adapting them into new uses. The planning stages witnessed the imploding of the 10 storey existing hotel viewable on line.


122 Hotel Keys | 31 Villa Units | 12 Residences | 71 Condominium Units | 8 Villa Units | Staff Housing 85 Units |  Fitness Center | Golf CLubhouse | Golf Course | Tenni Club | Spa | Beach Club Restaurant | Dock Facilities | Landscaping and Pools | Back of House Service Facilities.


local project architect david yuhasz with associate jason kipfer - lead architects Coleman Partners U.S.A.


Mill District - Commercial Development  - “Best Flour by a Damn Site”


In the small hamlet of Arva, Ontario stands one of the oldest water powered operating flour mills in Canada - producing small quantities of flour for over 190 years. Founded in 1819, the mill continues providing quality all natural and organic products to both the public and commercial kitchens. As a small facility with aging yet impressive equipment it takes capital to maintain the mill in working order.


The proposed adjacent commercial facility will supplement the mill with additional income by driving customers to the facility. The addition will contain a restaurant and bakery that will use products from the mill, as well as a ‘farm to table’ butcher and cheese shop, an organic foods retail store and upper floor office space. Phase 2 will be determined by the growth and needs derived from Phase 1.






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