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"Adding value and protecting your investment."


Zedd provides Architecture, Design and Planning (A D P) services. In creating a partnership with you, we address the specific needs of your project to provide innovative, sustainable and smart solutions that add value and protect your investment.

Our goal at zedd is to provide design excellence at any scale and we welcome all inquiries no matter the budget, as we are adept, experienced and attentive either sitting at your kitchen table or in the corporate boardroom.

Architectural Services

Our Architectural services are directed to property owners, developers, property managers, institutions, government agencies and stake holders in large and complex buildings such as:


   • Commercial  - office, retail, mixed use

   • Hospitality - hotel, resort

   • Residential - multi-family, townhouse, mid rise, high rise

   • Institutional - educational, sport


zedd has you covered with all the basic and elective services you'll need to meet the mandated requirements of your project while providing design excellence that makes us all proud.



Design Services

zedd Design services are scaled to suit a smaller project scope and are directed to homeowners and builders, commercial property owners and the design-build industry for residential and commercial buildings typically three storeys or less.  We provide Design services for new projects, renovations and additions, including interior design and adaptive reuse for:


   • Commercial new - retail, office, medical, industrial

   • Residential - additions, custom homes, townhouses

   • Commercial Interiors - renovations, tenancy fit out


Our Design services satisfy smaller projects and respond to tight schedules with a focus on building permit acquisition but still benefit from an architect's design input. Those who care about great design and the future value of their investment will realise both by using our design services.



Planning Services

zedd Planning services are property specific. Multiple regulations for your property may require the integration of many complex factors in the planning approval process. We work directly with you and/or your planner to overcome these obstacles by offering the following pre-design and supplemental planning services:

Pre-Design Services

• Site Development Feasibility Studies + Reports

• Pre Consulting with Authorities

• Site Analysis and Assessment

• Existing Building - As Builts

• Site Plan Approval Applications

Supplemental Services

• Master Site Planning

• Urban Design Review Submissions

• Public Site Plan Meeting Presentations

• Committee of Adjustment Applications

• Re-zoning Applications


Start Up Services (SUS) - "look before you leap"


If you want to look before you leap, you'll find zedd's Start Up Services (SUS) feasibility study the perfect place to start. You may already own a property or are looking to purchase one for a particular project. You may have a property to sell and wish to assess the value based on it's development potential.

Our SUS initial evaluation covers the zoning and planning constraints for development whether a vacant site or one with an existing building and explores what can be built, the scale of the building and optimum configuration of the development taking into account the coverage, density, parking requirements, hazards and special conditions that may apply.



Our SUS Steps are as follows:


Step 1   We commence with a client meeting to ascertain goals followed by a site visit to understand the physical aspects and context of the site. Depending on the complexity of the site, a boundary plan or topo survey is typically required and will be one of the first things we ask for in preparation for us to get started.


Step 2   We assess the zoning, bylaws and official plan for the site location to determine the building constraints and development potential as well as the applicable building codes and any 'design guidelines' affecting the site location. We also discuss the potential for rezoning and its affect on the value and development viability.


Step 3  We then prepare preliminary site and base floor plans together with a 3D massing model to explore the scope and scale with various building configurations and their resulting statistics towards the optimum solution.


If the feasibility study is deemed viable, we then advance the project design and prepare drawings towards fulfilling the required marketing or planning submissions, such as:


   • Pre Site Plan Consultation

   • Re-zoning

   • Formal Request submission for Site Plan Consultation

   • Site Plan Approval Submissions

   • Urban Design Review

   • Public Site Plan Meeting


We also work together with your realtor or other professionals such as appraisers, planners, financial consultants and legal advisors towards assisting in the production of a pro forma for lending or investor's review.







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