“As architects and designers, we see opportunities in 3 dimensions.”

The core to zedd is creating a partnership with our client, adding value and protecting their investment.


We have designed our processes with an emphasis on collaboration. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technology tool well suited for a collaborative delivery process. We leverage BIM technology and cloud based applications throughout all phases of our projects but we also know when low-tech solutions like trace paper and a phone call are the right approach.


In this way, we create continual two way communication with our clients and consultants to ensure that the project team is delivering on expectations.


We also provide weekly status reports to clients to keep them up to date.


Since our designs are constructed in virtual 3D space prior to a shovel hitting the ground, we are able to solve many problems early in the design process where changes and costs are minimized. Our Construction Documents are detailed with the benefit of accompanying 3D visualizations, enabling contractors to more accurately price tender drawings, and the client to be more engaged throughout the process.


We are a small but strong creative design firm who stands behind our work. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and put ourselves, the partners, on the front line of our projects ensuring that one of us is involved hands-on throughout your project. This insures that that the essence of the design, details and Client goals are not lost in transition.




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