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“We deliver innovative, sustainable spaces for today and tomorrow.“


We provide full architectural services to Southwestern Ontario including London, Kitchener Waterloo, and Cambridge as well the surrounding counties of Middlesex, Oxford, and Elgin.

The core to zedd is making architecture accessible in every community we touch and bringing the benefits of excellent design to those who live, work and play there. We know that forward-thinking, smart towns and cities with dynamic urban spaces are where people want to invest. We aim to do our part to make this happen in our backyard and yours.


We have a pool of experience in multiple building typologies, approach each design with innovation, believe in collaborative teamwork and incorporate sustainability in our process. These elements drive our architectural expression leading us to deliver smart, responsible and beautiful buildings to inhabit and enjoy.



Behind the zedd


"As architects and designers we see opportunities in 3 dimensions."

Jason Kipfer - man of many hats

Architectural Technologist, C.E.T., LEED AP, BCIN  Designer


Partner, zedd architecture.


He is an architectural technologist, graduate of Fanshawe College, LEED AP and qualified Designer holding a BCIN. Jason has 20 years local, national and international experience in the industry and has a detailed knowledge of public and private practice.


Jason is adept at the art of wearing many hats as is so frequently required in the architectural and engineering disciplines. He has a keen interest in IT applications and is adept at applying  technology such as BIM to streamline industry processes.


Sustainability and social responsibilty are key values and  are often metrics used in Jason’s decision making process. He has a strong desire to impact his community through smart, innovative, sustainable design.


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David Yuhasz  - a seasoned perspective

Architect OAA,  MRAIC,  B.f.a., B.Arch.


Partner, zedd architecture.


Born in London David is a graduate of both Western University and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. As a creative practitioner with over 25 years experience, David has considerable versatility in a range of building typologies both nationally and internationally.


This exposure has provided him with the ability to adapt as the context and situation dictates, from a contemporary aesthetic to culturally sensitive or regional approaches to design.


David is an accomplished and travelled architect knowledgeable in all corners of the profession. The result is a seasoned perspective with the ability to communicate and operate within the industry providing confidence at all levels.


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Selected publications + awards

The Bermudian

Slick City Living


Winner - 2008 multi unit residential - Bermuda Building Design Awards. - s.h.y architecture.

With his mandate from the developer to design a unique residence that would maximize the site's location overlooking Victoria Park, Yuhasz set out to “define urban living in the city”.


“Our judges were won over by the company’s “innovative” and “modern” architectural style, and ability to reflect those characteristics that make Bermuda unique.”


The Bermudian

10 Dundonal Street


Honorable Mention- 2006 multi unit residential - Bermuda Building Design Awards - s.h.y architecture.

This building is a modern oasis in the center of Hamilton and has taken modern condominium living to new heights. With it's clean lines, subtly contrasting colours and multi-planed exterior, it brings just a little bit of Miami heat to Bermuda.


“Modern in both its concept and its architecture, David Yuhasz’s design for a new residential building in Hamilton is applauded.”



Contemporary Showpiece


A London Architect's vision transforms this rustic ranch style home to achieve a better flow between the old ranch home and an 80's addition with a complete interior renovation.


“ The Yuhasz interior is all about sleek and spare contemporary lines...transformed from rustic ranch to contemporary showpiece “




Bottom Line

The Living City


Focus on mid-rise multi unit residential buildings in the City - with developer Gilbert Lopes buildings.

Given that Bermuda is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with limited land resources and with only 2 percent of the population living in the city, developers are  now turning their focus on building up.


"Everything is a risk. Building in the city - you either lead, you follow, or you get out of the way."

The Bermudian

Breaking New Ground

Winner - Bermuda Building Design Awards - David Yuhasz architect at OBM.

Bacardi has offices around the world and it was important to design a building that emulates the company and it's products. The challenge was in maintaining the integrity of the existing Mies van der Rohe building design. This addition achieves Bacardi's goal of a headquarters that reflects the company's growing dominance.


“ The goal was to complement the original building with an addition that was not immediately apparent “

Building Bermudian

Fritholme Gardens Estate


Architect David Yuhasz and team at s.h.y architecture win the design competition for new 62 unit residential townhouse development at Elbow Beach on 15 acres based on their contemporary approach to traditional Bermudian design.


"The master plan seemed to have struck the right chord as the completed rental units have been virtually full from the outset."

The Bermudian

Cafe’ Chic


Winner - 2007 - Bermuda Building Design Awards - David Yuhasz architect at s.h.y architecture.


With three owners to satisfy, one wanting a coffee shop, another a delicatessen and the third a bar, the challenge was to provide all three scenarios in a transitional design which was achieved with resounding success.


“From lighting to layout, clever design enables Ten to go easily from coffee shop by day to hip lounge at night. The overall look is a fascinating combination of industrial chic, classic European flair and bustling New York City bistro.”

Bottom Line

Improved with Age


Bacardi Limited's impressive world headquarters have undergone an extensive interior renovation and a 10,000 sq.ft. renovation producing additional office space and facilities while maintaining it's status as the finest example of late 20th century architecture in Bermuda.


“ The changes, carried out by OBM Architect David Yuhasz, are subtle, preserving the best of the architecture, yet presenting an image appropriate for an established company moving into a new century.”

Building Bermuda


Contemporary Style With Comfort


Contemporary flair and comfort are available in eleven different unit styles in the center of the city, adjacent to Victoria Park and walkable amenities.


“Displaying a contemporary flair, the eight storey block was designed by s.h.y architecture under the direction of lead architect David Yuhasz ... "





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